Name: Jillian Chevalier
Age: 27
Info:  Born in a minor noble house of Cog, Jill followed the prim and proper upbringing she was told to.That is to say, the upbringing of a proper woman to wed – be quiet, be beautiful and be supportive. However, something in the corner of her soul constantly struggles against these teachings and Jill does not know why.


Name: Lucien Malroy
Age: 29
Info:  Born in Gears, Lucien was always gifted with the mindset of a tinkerer and gadgeteer, his inventions have gained him a certain popularity with the lower echelons of society and as such, he has become the leader of the revolution in Cog. 


Name: Daveed Cortier
Age: 29
Info:  Born in Gears, Daveed was a natural leader as a youth. He was on a rise to become a prominent strategist until he met a young red-headed child and the two became close friends. Daveed became a soldier of the Cog Infantry, following his friend’s wayward path to Cog to keep an eye on the trouble maker. 


Name: Valerie DePaix
Age: 31
Info: Born an Elemental in the city of Cog, she was considered to be a lesser citizen and was constantly watched – which worked well for her as attention was the one thing she craved. With careful maneuvering and manipulation, Valerie was selected as the first elemental to be in charge of entire sector of Cog – an unprecedented affair. 


Name: Wilfred (Whistle) Rochelle
 Age: 12
 Info:  Born in Cog. Whistle was orphaned at a young age due to his parent’s affiliation with elementals. As he himself is one, his existence was slated to be sent to the Pits for the entirety of his life – luckily for him, a young traveling man happened on the scene and rescued him. Since then, Lucien has acted as a big brother to Whistle.